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Common problems faced when addressing legal matters without professional help

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Not all legal matters require the services of a lawyer to obtain solutions. For example, Small Claims Courts, Traffic Tickets, and Landlord and Tenant Board issues can be solved without an attorney. However, if you go ahead with these cases without sufficient knowledge of how the legal system works, you could face numerous challenges that could lead to unfavorable rulings.

To avoid negative outcomes that could diminish your status and your wealth, it is vital to consult with a legal expert before proceeding with legal matters. For a more precise understanding of the difficulties you could experience, YM Paralegal Services has listed the common problems faced when addressing legal matters without the professional help of a Paralegal:

1. Not knowing if it is worth taking legal action against a debtor When clients have a potential claim for money, they have to ask themselves a few questions like if the debtor is judgment proof and if it’s worth spending money for a slight possibility of recovering the debt. For such a situation, it is vital for the client to also know if the debtor has any property, if they are employed or self-employed, or on social assistance for a disability. All these factors will help to determine if it is worth pursuing legal action or not.

2. Weak evidence to support the case Some clients think that they have a lot of evidence for the case they want to pursue and believe that what they have is enough to go to court. However, on taking a closer look, the evidence is usually not strong enough, and some of it is even lost and can not be recovered. To look for more evidence, the client must reach out to a Professional Paralegal. When these experts are informed of the full story, they can suggest where more evidence can be found. Sometimes, clients forget details or do not know that they can recover information from different sources, but an Experienced Paralegal in Mississauga can help out in such situations.

3. Tenant eviction struggles Some Landlords want to evict a tenant so badly that they will pursue an application even if they are advised not to. It is always better to be at peace with people, especially with Tenants. If there is a small issue between the client and a Tenant, it is better to forget that it happened and not be hostile. The Landlord can also talk to the Tenant and try to resolve the dispute without going to the Landlord and Tenant Board. On the other end, if there is no understanding, then the next step is to collect as much evidence as possible to prepare the application at the Board.

4. Pleading guilty to traffic tickets Many people do not know about the consequences of pleading guilty to traffic offenses. For starters, their license could be suspended, the insurance rates might go up, and the conviction would stay on their record for three years. If the offender is a new driver, the legislation is even more strict. With the help of a legal professional like a Paralegal, a client will be able to decide what is better to plead guilty to a lower charge or to go to a trial. Before this is decided, disclosure has to be requested. Then, the client and a Paralegal have to go through disclosure together and decide on what to do next.

Mississauga Paralegal can meet with you in person or via Zoom and discuss your matter. You can reach out to Mississauga Paralegal by filling out a contact form, the Let's Chat button, or just a phone call. Please leave a message and Mississauga Paralegal will call you back as soon as possible.

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