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Paralegal Services: A Checklist of What They Can Do in Ontario

Paralegal services can make a big difference when you have a legal matter to attend to. Here’s a comprehensive checklist of what they cover.


When it comes to navigating the legal waters of Ontario, Canada, paralegals are your steadfast navigators. Offering a wide range of services, paralegals provide legal support and representation in various settings. Here’s a checklist of what paralegal services can do for you in Ontario:


Legal Representation


Small Claims Court

• Representing clients in disputes up to $35,000.

• Drafting and filing claim documents.

• Handling settlement conferences.

• Presenting cases in court.


Provincial Offences

• Representing clients for traffic violations and other provincial offences.

• Providing advice on plea bargains and trial strategies.


Summary Conviction Offences

• Defending clients against charges where the maximum penalty does not exceed two years less a day imprisonment and/or a $5,000 fine.

Tribunal Hearings


Landlord and Tenant Board

• Representing landlords or tenants in hearings.

• Negotiating on behalf of clients.

• Preparing necessary documentation and evidence.


Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

• Assisting clients with filing applications.

• Representing clients in mediations and hearings.


Workers’ Compensation Appeals

• Guiding clients through the appeal process.

• Representing clients at Workplace Safety and Insurance Board hearings.


Other Tribunal Representation

• Including the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Social Benefits Tribunal.


Legal Advice and Documentation


Legal Consultation

• Offering advice on legal rights and obligations.

• Explaining the implications of legal documents and proceedings.


Document Services

• Preparing legal documents for civil litigation, administrative tribunals, and court appearances.

• Drafting correspondences to other parties or agencies on behalf of clients.


Advocacy and Negotiation



• Acting on behalf of clients in negotiating settlements and agreements.


• Advocating for clients’ interests in various legal forums.

• Making submissions to courts and tribunals.


Legal Research and Investigation


Case Preparation

• Conducting legal research pertinent to the case.

• Investigating facts and gathering evidence.


Regulatory Matters


Statutory Accident Benefits

• Assisting clients with claims for motor vehicle accident benefits.


Occupational Health and Safety

• Advising on workplace safety laws and representation in related matters.


Administrative Services


Commissioning Documents

Serving as commissioners for taking affidavits in Ontario.

Act as a Notary public.

Notarizing documents.


Education and Information


Public Legal Education

• Providing workshops and information sessions on legal topics relevant to Ontarians.


Licensing and Compliance


Business Licensing

• Assisting with the application and payment of the yearly licensing fees.


By ensuring that paralegals are licensed through the Law Society of Ontario, you can trust in their ability to provide competent and professional assistance across these service areas. Paralegal services in Ontario are your front line for legal assistance, ensuring that whether you are dealing with small claims, administrative tribunals, or other legal hurdles, you have the expert support you need.


Yuliya Molchanova is a paralegal in Mississauga and the founder of Y M Paralegal Services. She specializes in helping you with your small claims court matters, Landlord and Tenant Board disputes or immigration service needs. She will work closely with clients to provide exceptional legal services, catered specifically to you. For a free, 30-minute consultation about your legal needs, Get In Touch.

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