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Don’t believe these myths about paralegals

With the paralegal sector of the legal profession growing significantly, many misconceptions and falsehoods surround this field. Believing these misconstructions can force you to forfeit the valuable services of a professional Paralegal in Mississauga who can not only represent you in court but also help you save money.

To help you steer clear of the main misconceptions about these professionals, YM Paralegal Services has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about Paralegals.

Myth 1: Paralegals can represent you in every area of law. While Paralegals do almost all the tasks a lawyer can, they cannot represent you in every area of the law. Y M Paralegal Services Paralegal can represent clients in Small Claims Court cases, Landlord and Tenant Board cases, and Provincial Offence Court cases. In addition to the services outlined above, Paralegals' scope of practice also includes representation before other tribunals.

Myth 2: Paralegals only perform legal research, draft pleadings, and interview witnesses. Paralegals do more than this. In fact, the firm's Mississauga Paralegal will do whatever it takes to get the job done and protect their clients’ best interests.

Y M Paralegal Services Paralegal is present at every step of the legal process to get through immense amounts of legal work. It includes answering emails, and phone calls, listening to client's concerns, and following up on a case with Courts and Tribunals.

Myth 3: Paralegals work from nine to five. In most situations, the working hours for Paralegals vary from firm to firm. There are many instances where the firm's Paralegal has worked late into the night and on weekends to meet deadlines. Y M Paralegal Services Paralegal is a dedicated professional and is ready to do what it takes (within the framework of the law) to get you the justice you deserve.

If you’re looking to steer clear of more myths related to paralegals, reach out to Yuliya Molchanova, the founder of YM Paralegal Services. As a licensed paralegal in Mississauga, Ontario, she focuses on helping people with Landlord Tenant Board disputes and Small Claims Court matters. She excel in providing exceptional customer service and strives to be helpful, responsible, and tenacious while working with her clients. She is fully licensed and insured to provide legal services in Ontario within the Paralegal scope of practice.

Myth 4: Paralegals are not able to help with Landlord and Tenant Board Disputes and Lawyers are the best. While lawyers might be the appropriate help in Family Law disputes as Paralegals are not allowed to practice in that field, Paralegals are the best choice in Landlord and Tenant Board matters. Paralegals are trained for all kinds of applications at the Landlord and Tenant Board and in advocacy before the Board. While Lawyers could be good advocates, they usually do not know the specifics of tribunals as they mostly go to courts.

Myth 5: Paralegals can do wills. Paralegals can not do wills but they can do other services, such as Commissioning of documents as well as Notarizing different kinds of documents. If you need the help of a Commissioner or a Notary Public, please contact Mississauga Paralegal to book an appointment.

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