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What Does It Cost to Get Legal Help?

Different kinds of Paralegal fees

Y M Paralegal Services can help you decide whether it is worth hiring a Paralegal in your specific situation. When the amount of your claim is too low and it would make no sense to hire a paralegal for the entire case, Mississauga Paralegal can offer block fees and limited scope retainers.

Fixed Fees

Some Paralegal Services are provided on a fixed fee basis. The charge depends on the complexity of the matter. Once a fixed rate is agreed upon, the rate will be unchanged, even if the amount of time spent working on your case exceeds what was previously allocated. The firm's Paralegal is open to charging fixed fees for most of the Landlord and Tenant applications and work done on the matter. Yuliya Molchanova is an experienced Paralegal in Landlord and Tenant matters representing Landlords and Tenants before the Board.

Hourly Fees

Small Claims Court matters are usually billed on an hourly rate bases. The client will be billed on an ongoing basis or at stages during the proceeding. For some steps, stages, or cases, a block fee arrangement may be available to provide advance assurance about how much the legal representation will cost you. Y M Paralegal Services is a small claims court Paralegal and has reasonable fees for the work done on Small Claims Court cases. The firm's Mississauga Paralegal can be easily contacted by clicking the Contact for Details button on this page.


Disbursements are out-of-pocket expenses such as:

  • Court or tribunal filing fees

  • Photocopying

  • Printing

  • Parking

Disbursement expenses are paid in addition to hourly rates or could be included in the fixed rate. If you are unsure about your future disbursements in relation to your Small Claims Court or a Landlord and Tenant Board matter, contact Mississauga Paralegal by clicking the Contact for Details button on this page.

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